Gautam Boda

Mr. Gautam B. Boda joined the group back on 1st December, 1994 and is the current Vice-Chairman of the J.B.Boda Group. He started out as an Officer and with his determination towards the company’s success and his constant efforts, became the Vice-Chairman of the Group. His responsibility involves driving sustainable business growth, devising group strategy, and guidance to execute, explore and evaluate new areas of opportunities, which comes from his 27 years of experience in the industry. 

During his tenure with the Group, Mr. Gautam B. Boda established Ports & Terminal Vertical, Employee Benefit Vertical, Empanelment of the Group with international insurers/reinsurers for designing/supporting complex global programs of MNC’s in India, groomed the Group’s leaders, set up a specialised team to cater to the requirements of Indian companies who are investing globally, partnered with International Brokers across the globe for MNC exposure in India, and developed various technology platforms. He also introduced the Risk Management Society to India. He took knowledge-sharing initiatives like in-house publications, webinars, and has been the guest speaker at various events. 

Mr. Gautam B. Boda has also received some notable mentions during his career:

  • Appointed as Board of Director for the largest independent Insurance Broker Network, Assurex Global 
  • Appointed as Chairman for the Asia Pacific region for over 12 years.
  • Invited to the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) National Committee on Insurance and Pensions, to undertake constructive dialogue with the Government and the Regulators for the creation of a conducive regulatory environment for the growth of the Insurance and Pensions Sectors.
  • Invited to the Board of Managing Partners for International Benefits Network. 
  • He was invited as the first Indian broker to speak and partner with the German Insurance Industry.
  • Conferred with the CNA Award for being a valued partner and for showing excellence in International Solutions-2019
  • Interviewed by Leader’s Edge Magazine in March 2020
  • Got an interview published in “Asia Insurance Review” to prepare for business challenges post-pandemic in August 2020.

As a way of giving back to society, Mr. Gautam B. Boda supports Indian Charitable Institutions in general, and specifically during Covid-19 in a personal capacity, while also arranging international support and funds.

His vision for the Group’s future is for the J.B.Boda Group to become the preferred partner for various stakeholders starting from Clients, Insurers / Reinsurers, Surveyors, and other stakeholders. He also envisions taking forward the Grace of Legacy of 80 years with the same zeal and enthusiasm as the founders of the group.

Outside of his professional work, Mr. Gautam B. Boda enjoys cycling and has a keen interest in music, movies, and reading.