Medical & Health


The J.B.Boda Group is one of the major corporate players in the field of health and employee benefit services like GTL, GPA, GMC, Overseas Travel & Ex-pat Cross Border Solutions. The front is well supported by a team of efficient business and relationship managers and technology, that allows them to excel in consulting.

Our expertise lies in reviewing policies, planning, implementing, and administering the policies for all its corporate clientele with the same degree of efficiency and innovation.


Benefits Administration

  • Self-funded benefits administration
  • Digital solutions
  • Real-time assistance
  • Up-to-date information for both employer and employee
  • Data Management
  • Helpdesk model

Insurance Broker

  • Policy review
  • Claim analysis
  • Placement strategy
  • Quotation negotiation
  • Quotation analysis
  • Recommendation & placement confirmation
  • Claim monitoring & intervention

Benefits Consulting

  • Flex design (in process)
  • Well-Being strategy
  • Benefits review (insured/non-insured)
  • Benchmarking/ harmonization
  • New operation set-up
  • Cross border solutions
  • Cost containment solutions
  • Multinational pooling


For any business queries, write to Mithil Navalkar at and Shweta E. Dambale at