Lender’s Insurance Advisory (LIA)

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01We offer independent advice

Leverage our advice on associated risks towards assets and other interests

02Our reports ensure compliance at multiple levels

Our research and reports form the basis of project financing agreements

03We draft the right insurance-related clauses for you

Our in-depth industrial research helps to estimate your insurance requirement and draft loan agreements


Our industry knowledge will be your strength.

The experts working under the vertical of Lender’s Insurance Advisors are trusted for their years of experience and industry knowledge.

Our experts estimate the insurance requirement after close inspection and draft policies that cover all your business requirements and interests. We then assist you to review the insurance procured by the borrower.

Our team provides a layout of insurance covers starting from the project phase to the operational phase. We also draft fair and appropriate insurance-related clauses for loan agreements.

Our experienced broking team’s interests are twofold.

Our team ensures that the client’s interests in the insurance is adequately protected

We ensure that the organisation is satisfied with the proposed insurance cover—the risks covered, the exclusions, the amount of cover, and the deductibles.

Our team ensures that their interests in the insurances are adequately protected.


Our services assist you in the best way

Here’s how we do it

Designing the framework of the insurance program at a contractual and operational stage

Review and analyse the project risks and the borrowers' insurance programme to determine if the programme meets lenders' requirements

Work with the industry’s best Lender’s Insurance Advisory

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