While looking after the operations of our business, the broking team at the J.B.Boda Group strives to keep the fraternity abreast strategically on the latest news that influences our regular business activities. Every month we curate and publish newsletters on the current happenings of the world in relation to the insurance and reinsurance industry.

Newsletters by the J.B.Boda Group
Covering the catastrophic events and the insured losses number, EARTH summarises current environment-related news of the globe including natural calamities and climate change effects. The newsletter also covers feeds on agriculture, farming, as well as rural marketing of the world.
Fast approaching a decade and a half now, the newsletter commenced with the thought of providing with current affairs and updates happening in the world in general. The rest of the newsletter was conceptualised to nourish our avid readers with the latest news, as per their competence.
With the adage ‘Health is wealth’ as a notion, WHealth reports health-based inputs basis the WHO calendar. The articles provide tips and general information about health with an intention and holistic approach to maintain our patrons’ well-being.