Claims Consultancy

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Strategic Solution Management

Through years of revelation to manage and handle diverse claims for various industries, the J.B.Boda Group is armed with a team of veterans. Our strategy-based approach simplifies the technicalities and complexities involved in claim handling procedures. Congenial relationships conserved with the surveyors and insurers help attain results within acceptable timelines. We offer efficient and effective pre and post loss assistance in accordance with client needs.

Claim Settlements

Streamline the complex cycle of Claims Management with our expert assistance.

Our services:

Study the policy documents and navigate the claim process
Ensure that your documents are in line with the framework of the Policy Conditions
Explain claim supporting documents requested by appointed surveyors
Prepare claim documents as per the Surveyor's requirements
Draft letters / emails pertaining to the claim
Attend joint meetings with the Surveyors / Insurers and discuss any claim-related issues, if they require to do so
Negotiate a fair settlement with the Surveyor / Insurer in consultation with the client

Our pan India network assists and comforts the client with the process of claim handling. We also arrange a comprehensive Insurance Claims Manual or training as a utility to the client relating to their Insurance Portfolio, providing overall advice on claims matters.


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