Non Life & Life

Non Life: For any business queries, write to
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For Insurance Broking, we, at  J.B.Boda Group, deal with an arrangement undertaking guarantee of protection and compensating claim, against a possible eventuality in return for payment of a specified premium. In an insurance process, pooling and transfer of risk going by the law of large numbers forms an important feature. Insurance is thus a mechanism to moderate negative financial consequences.

Under General Insurance, we underwrite catastrophic risks for Non-Life and Life insurance.

The brokers at the J.B.Boda Group are proficient underwriters to evaluate the existing and future risks that your business could encounter in the future. With the polished decades of knowledge, our brokers serve the purpose holistically, aiding the insurance decision of the client.

We offer services for Insurance, broadly under two categories:

Non Life

  • Property
  • Engineering
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Industrial All Risks
  • Port Terminals
  • Mega Risks
  • Marine, Hull & Cargo
  • Containers
  • Multi Modal Transport
  • Financial & Casualty
  • Credit – Domestic & Export
  • Miscellaneous Accident
  • Accident, Medical & Health
  • Aviation
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Event Cancellation
  • Sport
  • Kidnap & Ransom
  • Employee Benefit
  • Fidelity Guarantee
  • Affinity
  • Motor
  • Extended Warranty – Automobile, White, Brown, Grey Goods
  • Jewellers Block
  • Overseas Travel
  • D&O, E&O, Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Product Liability, Third Party Liability, Bankers Blanket Bond, Clinical Trials
  • Cyber Liability
  • Weather Derivatives Product on Renewable Energy
  • Lenders Insurance Advisory Service
  • Risk exposure inspection, analysis and consultation for insurance purchase
  • Insurance due diligence study – portfolio analysis
  • Negotiation, insurance placement & claims services
  • Claims Consultancy Services Projects
  • Projects
    • Risk Inspection
    • DU (Delay in Startup)
    • Marine Transit Erection All Risks
    • Contractor’s All Risks
    • Contractor’s Plant & Machinery
    • ALOP (Advance Loss of Profit)
  • Services to MNC’s
    In addition as required we provide:

    • Model can be designed and structured to support and provide services to global clients in India together with their local policies, and arranging global programmes for Indian multinational clients for their operations worldwide
    • Facilitating insurance due diligence reports for Merger & Acquisition


  • Employee Group Term Insurance
  • Group Insurance Scheme (EDLI Scheme)
  • Group Term Life Insurance Scheme
  • Retail Life Insurance
  • Life Insurance Scheme
  • Pension Scheme


Non Life: For any business queries, write to Mr. Saroj Satapathy at
Life: For any business queries, write to Mr. Rajeev Deshmukh at