Trade Credit & Political Risk Insurance

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Business relations are built on trust and credits extended. Since market factors are volatile, Trade Credit Insurance moderates by insuring payment defaults and protects corporate balance sheets.

It is on account of commercial risks like protected default/bankruptcy and political risk in the case of cross-border businesses that corporates and businesses are exposed to uncertainty about their receivables. The J.B.Boda Group’s team analyses the risk to design appropriate solutions for corporates and reinsurers locally as well as globally.

Class of Business and Services

We offer the service of insurance/reinsurance for global cedants/corporates from a start-up to large multinational companies, which demands innovative solutions. We assist in finding the right product, insurer/reinsurer, explain the structure, maximise coverage, and support the client in rightfully receiving their claims.

Our specialist credit insurance team:

  • Understands client’s business to ensure that all credit-related risks are adequately covered and provide apt technical advice
  • Assist clients to identify and choose a pertinent structure as required
  • Conduct regular review meetings as appropriate
  • Access to all markets helps to keep client’s informed of the latest developments
  • Ensure that the prerequisites are regularly reassessed and market review is done before each renewal, ensuring the best and most appropriate cover
  • Provide with claims management facilities so that claims are negotiated quickly and diligently
  • Provide thorough and ongoing product training


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