Agriculture & Livestock

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The J.B.Boda Group recognises the risks and uncertainties that are inherent to agriculture. A majority of the world’s economies are based on agriculture and its associated industries.

With the catastrophic events, climate change, and global warming happening across the globe, especially in the regions which never witnessed a catastrophe in the last century, the perils have taken unprecedented turns leading to more agricultural losses than expected.

Class of Business

The J.B.Boda Agriculture team supports the clients by recognising, undertaking, and managing agricultural risks in this challenging environment posed by climate alteration, growing population, and increasing demand for food worldwide.

Agriculture Insurance consists of the following major classes:

  1. Crop Insurance
  2. Livestock Insurance
  3. Aquaculture (Fisheries) Insurance
  4. Forestry Insurance


The J.B.Boda Group provides services & support through-

  1. Product Development
  2. Modelling & Analytics
  3. Placement of Reinsurance Programme (Facultative and Treaty)
  4. Claims Management and Accounting Support
  5. Training & Capacity Building

The closely-knit and experienced team of the J.B.Boda Group, spread across various offices globally, works methodically with the clients and assists them to assess and manage their agricultural portfolios. We also deliver comprehensive training, which focuses on building capacities and developing the expertise for this niche and specialised class of business.


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