Indian Interest Abroad (IIA)

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01Our goal is to resonate with your inspiration

We promise to support and encourage your needs for global expansion

02Our team assists you at multiple stages

We work towards protecting your assets, related interests, and ensure sustainability across the globe

03We offer professional assistance

Our best-in-industry professionals provide unparalleled services of Indian Interest Abroad

At the J.B.Boda Group, we render the following services

Design and execute an effective & efficient global program for Indian MNCs with risks / exposure outside India

Compliance, market updates, carrier selection

Offer local support for all global footprints through an extensive global network

Provide periodic updates on global markets & their resulting impact amidst changing scenarios

Continuous Monitoring

Arm you with a dedicated client servicing team

Enable centralised control and reporting

Offer claims assistance


Partner with the J.B.Boda Group for your business progress and get the assurance of risk mitigation.

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