(Re)insurance is now the core for operations in various sectors including re/insurance. Automation helps in achieving various objectives with machine-human collaboration. The J.B.Boda Group is confident that as the data extraction algorithm matures with more data, accuracy can be achieved by strengthening the digital workforce with intelligent and speedy data processes.

The J.B.Boda Group started its first venture by undertaking structured investment into building an in-house (re)insurance software — PROTECT. And, another cutting-edge portal — eNTRUST, which delivers to Health & Life Insurance, powered by Artificial Intelligence that enables easy policy administration.  

(Re)insurance is shaping affinity insurance business models. A tailored affinity program is created with the help of technological intelligence. It uses the purchasing power of a group that has common interests, to create a scheme related to the shared interest. It adds value to both the members and organisers of the group. 

As a member of ‘India Insurtech Association’, the J.B.Boda Group works closely with startups to fulfill the mission of making India a world leader in Insurtech. They foster a diverse community of insurance innovation and bring together industry practitioners, entrepreneurs, innovators, technologists, and industry stakeholders across India. With the development of Insurtech, the sector of re/insurance is transforming rapidly and improving the value chain globally. 

The Insurtech industry is at a growing stage that needs innovation. Foreseeing the influence of such a business, our tech team is constantly working towards tools for betterment. 

“Digital Engagement is The Future, but a ‘Hand-Shake’ Creates A Story”—is the notion of our Management. The J.B.Boda Group has a pan India presence and 10 global offices, that cover all aspects associated with Re/Insurance and Insurtech.


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