Internal Trainings & Seminars

The J.B.Boda Group believes in creating determined and skilled professionals, for which the HR department conducts seminars as well as internal training for refinement. Our employees speak for our culture with many of them serving the J.B.Boda Group for more than 50 years, hence coining the term “One Life – One Job”. 

The Human Resource team actively conducts Training Programs to keep the environment light and competitive. Training programs are an integral part of the day-to-day working as the HR department conducts monthly training programs on both Technical and Behavioral subjects to keep the employees updated with the latest events in the industry. Our senior team from business supports internal training programs by conducting lectures, and acts as faculty members for many technical training programs, and imparts knowledge to the team. We at the J.B.Boda Group are dedicated and committed to build the best talent and skilled employees and hence also hire professionals from external training agencies to refine the skill sets of each and every employee.

The Human Resource department along with administration and management work in tandem to create a culture where our employees feel appreciated and are nurtured for further growth in their skill level.
Employees engage in fun activities as a part of the Training Program
Educational Seminars during the Training Program
Participants of the Training Program
Fellow Employees at the Training Program