Marine Hull & Cargo (H&M Insurance)

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The J.B.Boda Group’s team at the Hull & Machinery vertical provides risk advisory and broking services to the Ship-owners, Ship managers, Charterers, Ship-builders, and Repairers.

At the J.B.Boda Group, we deal with operations and securing desired covers related to chartering of vessels with reference to Charter Party Agreements. We have a team of experts at a senior level to provide technical and admin support for the timely delivery of policy documents and claims management.

Class of Business

Evaluating risk and providing resolutions for complex technical risks at competitive pricing while guiding on the underwriting claims has exposed the team to a wide variety of vessel types and operations which include:

Brown water tonnage
Expenses to prevent loss (Sue & Labour, Salvage, and GA)

Blue Water tonnage

These include the ocean-going vessels plying in international waters like Cargo vessels, Containerized vessels, OSVs, Diving support vessels, Tankers, Ro-Ro vessels, Passenger vessels, Yachts, and Pleasure crafts, including demolition voyage insurances.

Land-based risks

We also provide insurance for land-based risks like Builder’s Risks Insurance, Ship Repairers Liabilities Insurance, and Ship-breaking insurance.

We also cover

Hull & Machinery: Offering widest possible coverages in terms of standard Institute Time Clauses Hulls

War insurance: In terms of the GIC war scheme

Broad coverage:

  • Costs of repairing physical loss or damage to a vessel;
  • Reimbursement following a total loss of a vessel (ATL/CTL)
  • Expenses to prevent loss (Sue & Labour, Salvage, and GA)
  • Collision Liability (standard clauses cover 3/4th Collision Liability)
  • Expenses associated with claims (survey fees etc).


Our Claims professionals provide excellent service in organising the correct policy of Insurance to secure the claims under the policy and render technical support throughout the life of the claim representing the client’s interest.

This usually comprises providing professional advice to clients and policyholders regarding their claims against a certain financial instrument. Our Claims and Servicing team works on your behalf to ensure that you receive the full amount due.

We also assist in the follow-ups of claims with appointed surveyors. Our services also include timely settlement of the claims. The Marine Claims team delivers knowledgeable and responsive support to our customers. Our services come to you at no extra cost and we also upskill our clients by training their teams periodically.


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