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J.B.Boda & Co. (U.K.) Ltd.

For any business inquiries, please connect with Mr. Aashit Dhanki at aashit.dhanki@jbbodauk.com

J.B.Boda-India accessed underwriters situated in London and Lloyd’s markets as part of its business development and customer service while maintaining market focus in the European area. To ensure that J.B.Boda and its client’s interests are adequately protected, that they are appropriately represented in the market, and that unbiased/ unadulterated market intelligence is sought, the founders Shri. J. B. Boda and Shri. D. B. Boda established a liaison/marketing office in London in 1967, making J.B.Boda the first broker from India, and possibly from an emerging market, to have an office in London.

J.B.Boda & Co. (UK) Ltd., a distinct corporation incorporated in 1986 and governed in the United Kingdom, began operations with the following goal:

  1. To efficiently move business created by J.B.Boda directly into UK/European/US markets and maximise group revenue without jeopardising long-standing related broker relationships.
  2. To source business from territories/clients with affinities, approach brokers headquartered in London first.

J.B.Boda-UK was authorised as a broker at Lloyd’s in 2002, making it the first Indian broker and maybe the first in the emerging markets. J.B.Boda-UK continues to scale organic growth deliberately.

We provide the reinsurance business with Aviation, Marine, Casualty, Terrorism and Political Risk, Non Marine, Accident, Retrocession, ART, Agriculture & Livestock, and Credit, thanks to our highly skilled and experienced staff.

We examine and transform a concept into a technically accurate offer presentation, as required of the professional brokerage business, while carefully adhering to London market practice.


For any business proposition, please contact:

Mr. Aashit Dhanki at jbboda@jbbodauk.com ; aashit.dhanki@jbbodauk.com
Mr. Shyam Dahal at shyam.dahal@jbbodauk.com 
Mr. Viren Bakhda at viren.bakhda@jbbodauk.com 
Mr. Peter Freeman at peter.freeman@jbbodauk.com 
Mr. Vikram Mehta at vikram.mehta@jbbodauk.com 
Ms. Sabita Bhattarai at sabita.bhattarai@jbbodauk.com


J.B.Boda & Co. (U.K.) Ltd.,
New London House, 3rd Floor, 6, London Street, London EC3R 7LQ, United Kingdom


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