Extended Warranty

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In the global marketplace, a product of long-term value and utility is considered as a good product when it is backed by a suitable warranty. When this warranty is extended the engagement of the customer translates into higher satisfaction levels. Globally, an Extended Warranty is increasingly used to make the product position more attractive and stable.

Class of Business

Our insurance supports Extended Warranty by compensation of losses on the product due to triggers. Large brands in Electronics, Automobiles, Engineering, etc. are compelled to provide longer and broader cover on their products and here Extended Warranty Insurance helps in minimising/realising the cash outgo due to warranty losses.

The J.B.Boda Group with its team of professionals arranges and manages the Extended Warranty Insurance solutions on local and global levels working with Brands, Corporates, and Cedants for their straightforward or complicated extended warranty requirements, providing the appropriate insurance/reinsurance solutions.

Engaging the J.B.Boda Group’s Specialist Extended Warranty Team is the cornerstone to finding the right deal for you and to then securing day-to-day assistance in order to get the most out of your policy/reinsurance structure.

Our specialist Extended Warranty brokers:

  • Understand client’s business to ensure that all credit-related risks are adequately covered and provide apt technical advice
  • Assist identify and choose a pertinent structure as required
  • Conduct regular review meetings, as appropriate
  • Access to all markets helps us keep client’s appraised of the latest development
  • Ensure that the prerequisites are regularly reassessed and market review is done before each renewal ensuring achieve the best and most appropriate programme of cover
  • Provide with claims management facilities so that claims are negotiated quickly and diligently
  • Provide thorough and ongoing product training


For any business inquiries, please write to – 
Mr. C. R. Vaidya at vaidya@jbbodamail.com 
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