Group Companies

Inception and Objective

The J.B.Boda Group was founded back in 1943, to start Reinsurance Broking operations when it was unheard of in India while the insurance business of the country was in the hands of global giants.

The professionalism, unimpeachable standards of conduct, customer-centered business management, and reputation for fair dealing enabled the J.B.Boda Group to develop an organisation of respectable size from a relatively modest beginning.


The Group currently offers related services under the following banners:

Company Expanse

Today, the Group has 25 offices in India & 10 Global offices.

With over 750+ personnel, including qualified and experienced Insurance and Reinsurance Professionals, Risk Management Professionals, Chartered Accountants, Master Mariners, Naval Architects, Licensed Surveyors leveraging their distinctive strength, the Group is meeting various needs of our clients in India and Overseas.