Pt. J.B.Boda Viva Indonesia Reinsurance Brokers 
For any business inquiry, do connect with Mr. Josua Peranginangin at

PT.J.B.Boda Viva Indonesia Reinsurance Brokers began operations in August 2017 by the Decree of Authority of the Financial Services of Indonesia (OJK), combining with PT. Viva Broker Reasuransi Indonesia, is an indigenous reinsurance broker founded in 2012.

The merger resolved OJK legislation about raising the paid-up capital of Reinsurance Brokers in Indonesia, as well as its National Retention Policy of retaining as much premium as possible within the nation.

The combination also aimed to expand into the Facultative business, which had previously been confined to treaty accounts.

Our Indonesia office is well-equipped to address the needs of the region and the specific geography, thanks to local knowledge and global advice.


For any business inquiry, do connect with:

Mr. Moch. J. Djaffar at
Mr. Josua Peranginangin at
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