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J.B.Boda & Co. (S) Pte. Ltd.

For any business inquiries, please connect with Mr. Prakash Rao at tprao@jbboda.com.sg  

J.B.Boda & Co. (S) Pte. Ltd Singapore began operations in the early 1980s as a frontier for Reinsurance business – Treaty and Facultative in all classes of General Insurance business from primarily – 10 ASEAN markets ranging from Malaysia to the Philippines. It has now expanded its reach to include markets in Sri Lanka, the Maldives, and Pakistan, as well as Mongolia, China, Hong Kong, and Korea.

Throughout these four decades of exploration, our Singapore branch has established two subsidiaries, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, to serve our local clients, dealing with both direct and reinsurance broking within the confines of local insurance rules. We also have a co-broker in Karachi for Pakistani business. Although it began with a small number of employees, the Singapore office has grown to more than 60 highly competent professionals, with a long list of clients.

Singapore now provides clients with catastrophic modellers, Agri experts, Medical and Travel PA brokers, as well as specialised in Critical, Retail, and Group medical business including Financial lines and casualty covers, competing with mega brokers in structuring reinsurance programmes and obtaining competitive terms and solutions to support our valuable clients; some of whom have been with us for more than three decades. Over the last four decades, the Singapore global office has grown steadily and modestly, establishing itself as the largest Asian indigenous reinsurance broker.

Similarly, to serve the UK, European, and Caribbean markets, as well as to accept placements from all over the world in specialist and conventional areas, we established our UK operations in 1986, under the name J.B.Boda & Co. (U.K.) Ltd. In 2002, the UK branch was the first Indian Lloyds Broker to be listed.

As our business expanded globally, we strategically established representative offices in Dubai, Kenya, Nepal, Bangladesh, Morocco, Egypt, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.


For any business inquiries, please connect with 

Mr. Prakash Rao at tprao@jbboda.com.sg
Mr. Aakash Parikh at aakash@jbboda.com.sg 
Mr. Gaurav Verma at gaurav@jbboda.com.sg 
Ms. Belinda Sim at belinda@jbboda.com.sg 
Mr. Bernard Choo at bernardchoo@jbboda.com.sg 
Mr. Terence Kessler at terence@jbboda.com.sg 
Ms. Cindy Tan at tcindy@jbboda.com.sg 
Mr. Neil Daws at neil@jbboda.com.sg 
Ms. Neelima S. at neelima@jbboda.com.sg 
Mr. Kapil Sharma at kapil@jbboda.com.sg 
Ms. Babita Rai at babita@jbboda.com.sg 
Mr. Cindy Peng at cindy_peng@jbboda.com.sg 
Mr. Roger Tan at roger@jbboda.com.sg 
Mr. Lim Peng Hua at penghua@jbboda.com.sg 
Ms. Aslina Talip at aslina@jbboda.com.sg 
Ms. Johannes Ziegler at johannes@jbboda.com.sg 
Mr. Nirav Khimashia at nirav@jbboda.com.sg


J.B.Boda & Co. (S) Pte. Ltd

Singapore 78 Shenton Way # 14 – 01, Singapore – 079 120.


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