Non Marine & Marine Surveys

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Surveys are essential to estimate the risk and its mitigation by ways of safety and security measures or suggesting insurance. At the J.B.Boda Group, we offer to assist you in inspections related to the following Non Marine and Marine Surveys:

Cargoes by Road

Storage Conditions

Risk Assessments

Investigation of Insurance Cases

Warehouse Risks Assessments

Inspection of Container

Other Means of Transport Damages under non marine surveys

We at the J.B.Boda Group, serve you end-to-end solutions by implementing Surveys.

The damages emerging to any consignment in transit requires to be assessed and Lab services are concentrated for fulfilling these deficiencies. For this, the J.B.Boda Group offers the following services:

Marine & Cargo Surveys
Insurance Related Surveys
Analytics & Lab Services

Marine surveys typically include

Machinery & Navigational Equipment

Radio & general condition of a vessel & cargo

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