Trade Credit (Domestic & Export)

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Trade credit & political risk, or credit insurance, provides protection against the risk of non-payment by customers when trading domestically and internationally. The credit insurance vertical efficiently meets all business needs and facilitates safe business growth without exposure to unnecessary risks.

The J.B.Boda Group designs tailor-made credit insurance solutions. The team also provides an independent assessment of the financial viability of debtors and the collection of bad debts. Our insurance solutions help in negotiating better rates for financial facilities, availed from banks and financial institutions. The J.B.Boda Group works extensively with reputed underwriters to develop improved trade credit practices.

Our scope of work involves these two major categories of risks:

Commercial Risk

  • Non-payment by the buyer – protracted default
  • Insolvency of the buyer

Political Risk

  • Military or civil war, revolution, riot, or insurrection
  • General moratorium on payment by the government of the buyer’s country
  • Cancellation of import license
  • Government decision preventing performance
  • Political events, economic difficulties, legislative, or administrative measures preventing payment
  • Non-payment by a government buyer


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