Aviation & Space

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The J.B.Boda Group’s Aviation team has been delivering solutions to the Aviation & Aerospace industry for over 40 years. We operate with complete transparency and confidentiality of services.

Class of Business

The J.B.Boda Group is honoured to be associated with the Indian Space Programme as their insurance broking partner since the launch of INSAT-1A in 1982. Our heritage is built on over 60 years of experience in the aviation insurance industry. The dedicated team is efficient in handling the challenges and technical requirements of the coverage, and also negotiates the best quotes for the clients. With our wide network across the globe, we have access to the worldwide aviation markets and capacity.


We cater risk solutions to clients with small and large operations related to the aviation and aerospace industry. Our services are offered to both publicly and privately-owned organisations, regardless of the number of aircrafts involved. Most of these operations fall under the broad categories mentioned below:

  • Aviation – Airlines & General Aviation
  • Space/Satellite – Pre-launch, Launch, and Post-Launch.
  • Aerospace – Airport Operators, Air Traffic Controllers (ATC), Ground Handlers,
  • Caterers, Refuelling & Fuel Storage, MRO, Aircraft and Parts Manufacturers

The J.B.Boda Group provides a wide range of coverages and risk solutions for Aviation and Aerospace including:

  • Hull/Spares All Risk Insurance
  • Aviation Liability Insurance
  • Hull War Risk & Allied Perils
  • Hull Deductible Insurance
  • War Liability
  • Excess Liability
  • Crew Personal Accident & Loss of License
  • Air Traffic Controllers Liability (ATC)
  • Airport Liability
  • Aviation Products & Ground Handling Liability
  • Refuelling Liability
  • Catering Liability
  • Drone/UAS/UAV Insurance
  • Satellite – Pre-Launch Insurance, Launch Insurance & Post-Launch Insurance

The J.B.Boda Group’s Aviation team interacts closely with clients and gathers relevant information to provide insurance solutions. Our team also reviews clients’ Coverages, Contracts, and Lease Agreements while offering expert advice on gaps in coverage. We form treaties that provide capacity and risk transfer solutions to the client. The team negotiates with insurers/reinsurers for the best coverage for our clients.

We issue and handle crucial documentation such as contracts and certificates so that the clients can obtain their insurance coverage. Our team assists the client and liaises with all parties including surveyors, adjusters, and the legal counsel in case of loss or incident to ensure smooth claim procedure and timely claim payout. We also conduct Aviation Training and Knowledge Development seminars for the benefit of our clients.


For any further information about our services, please contact us at aviation@jbbodamail.com