Asset Valuation

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The complex business of underwriting an insurance policy focuses on ascertaining the reinstatement value of any asset. The foundations of valuation are the assets itself; its earning power and profitable growth. Valuation of assets helps determine the right estimation of an asset.

The J.B.Boda Group’s team of experienced professionals consist of the surveyors, prescribed by IRDA ranging from category A to C in the departments of Fire, Engineering, Marine and Miscellaneous. Our specialists carry out risk inspections and assess catastrophic insurance losses in hydroelectric projects, civil engineering losses such as roads and bridges, and losses falling under property insurance.

The J.B.Boda Group is a registered member of the Indian Institute of Valuers. We have extended our services to leading business enterprises in ascertaining the value of their tangible assets for the purpose of insurance.

We provide expertise in both real and personal property insurance assessment. Our appraisals provide an unbiased opinion of replacement or reproduction value of fixed assets or real estate.

The reports include:

Valuation of buildings and structures for replacement and reproduction costs.
Fixed asset appraisals (machinery, computer, electrical installation, furniture & fixture, office equipment, etc.)
Physical Inspections by competent surveyor certified by IRDA.
The valuation of fixed assets such as Land, Buildings, Plant and Machinery, FFF etc. for tenacities as per client entreaty are executed for:

Balance Sheet

Chartered Engineers Certificate for Customs & Excise Duty, etc.

Financial Institutions, Banks, etc.

Floating Debentures


Justifying Premium for Equity Issue

Merger & Acquisitions (take over)

Sales & Leaseback

The strategic approach of activities are considered by seniors who are highly experienced in their field for at least five decades. This has assisted J.B.Boda Insurance Surveyors & Loss Assessors Pvt. Ltd. to earn its trusted reputation.

Our services are within easy reach. Our wide network of connected offices at all conceivable locations, ensures that prompt reaction time is complied.


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