Insurance Related Surveys

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The J.B.Boda Group understands your need for Insurance related surveys. To undertake guarantee of protection and compensating claim, against a possible eventuality, is a part of the insurance process. We act as intermediaries between the Insurer and the Insured in settling the claims.

To scale the amount of loss to pay for the damages is a major step where Surveyors or Loss Assessor professionals are hired by insurance companies. The J.B.Boda Group aims to be the service provider for them and help them receive their claim.

Understanding the gaps and suitably fulfilling such weak links, the J.B.Boda Group commenced insurance related surveys with qualified and experienced professionals like Valuers, Surveyors & Loss Assessors and Chartered Accountants, leveraging the distinctive strength meeting various needs of our clients in India and Globally.

With our professionals, we offer services for:

  • FIRE
    • J.B.Boda serves consequential loss with our specialists (fire)
    • We serve the material damages to Buildings caused due to fire
    • Our services covers Damages to Building, Plants, Machinery, Stock, and stock in the process due to fire and allied perils
    • Cargo
    • Cargo Loss Minimisation
    • Hull
    • Pre-acceptance Inspection
    • Valuation of Hull and Machinery
    • Boiler Explosion
    • Contractors’ All Risk
    • Contractors’ Plant & Machinery
    • Deterioration of Stock (Refrigeration Plant Policy)
    • Electronic Equipment Insurance
    • Erection All Risk
    • Loss of Profit (Machinery) Insurance
    • Machinery Breakdown
    • Marine-cum-Erection


Our team of professionals would be happy to extend their services.
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