J.B.Boda & Co. Pvt. Ltd.


The first flagship company of the J.B.Boda Group, J.B.Boda & Co. Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1943 in Mumbai. As a pioneering business activity, the Group commenced with its first service—Reinsurance Broking Operation. Gradually, the J.B.Boda Group witnessed exceptional growth and decided to extend its offerings to Ancillary services. With the steady growth and expansion, the company explored multiple business activities. The steps taken towards achieving greater milestones have enabled the Group to flourish in India as well as abroad.


With the legacy and exceptional prowess of 7 decades, J.B.Boda & Co. Pvt. Ltd. has a significant presence in 25 locations in India and over 10 other countries with 525+ working partners across 90+ countries.


The services offered by J.B.Boda & Co. Pvt. Ltd. are as follows:

  • Facilitating Employee Benefit Schemes
    • Designing Group Superannuation Scheme, Group Gratuity Scheme & Leave Encashment Scheme
    • Valuation of Group Superannuation Scheme, Group Gratuity Scheme & Leave Encashment Scheme
    • Keyman Insurance
    • Wellness Programmes
  • Facilitating Life Actuarial Services
    • Product Designing and Development
    • Review of existing Life products
    • Profitability Analysis
    • Valuation of statutory policy liabilities
    • Bonus Earning Capacity
    • Recommendation of Bonus rates
    • Determination of solvency
    • Capital requirements
    • Regulatory reporting
    • Analysis of Surplus
    • Experience Analysis
    • Review of Premium rates
    • Review of Surrender rates
    • Embedded Value calculation
    • Appraisal value / New Business Value (NBV)
    • Financial Condition Report (FCR)
    • Business Planning
  • Facilitating Non Life Actuarial Services
    • IBNR calculation
    • Liability Adequacy Test
    • Pricing and Capital Modelling
    • Review of premium rates and policy conditions
    • Valuation of policy liabilities
    • Calculation of statutory and realistic reserves
    • Comparison of actual vs expected analysis of various parameters
    • Expense study
    • Regulatory reporting and certification
    • Business planning and financial projections
  • Risk inspection
    For all types of risk inspection during construction and operational phase, to assist in identification and evaluation of the risk factors with recommendations to minimise, monitor and control the probabilities as well as impact of any unfortunate event.
  • Training & Seminars
    • Developing competent professionals
    • Tailor Made training programmes conducted keeping in mind the audience
    • Designed to suit the requirement of the client and the industry


For any queries, please contact Mr. Rajeev Deshmukh at rajeev.deshmukh@jbbodamail.com

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