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J.B.Boda Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.

For any business inquiries, do feel free to write to Mr. Amine Oudghiri at

In light of its ongoing worldwide expansion, J.B.Boda established Morocco as its third representative office in Africa, following Kenya and Egypt, in mid-2019. The strategic position placed us near our long-standing clients and partners, managing, creating, and coordinating solutions for our main accounts in North and West Africa, including the Maghreb countries and the CIMA area.

With a global reach, J.B.Boda makes it a goal to travel around the area on a regular basis to support and service customers and business partners in the Insurance and Reinsurance Industry. The Morocco office serves as a liaison office and a bridge to manage, organise, and create new prospects with the assistance of the J.B.Boda headquarters in Mumbai.

The J.B.Boda-Morocco office has access to gathered expertise with our specialised staff scattered around the globe to cater to the diverse demands of its clients and prospects to servicing all goods and solutions (Life & Non Life). In addition to standard classes, the Morocco office assists in specialised, tailor-made goods and focuses on new areas of the country’s economic changes, assisting our clients in responding to their product and service needs. Proximity enables constant monitoring, assessment, and the implementation and development of tailored solutions.

Training and active listening are two other factors that contribute to our success in the region. To keep the market informed, specialised seminars for new and technical insurance products are offered.

Morocco was chosen as a new centre for our Group’s operations in the area primarily due to the Kingdom’s regional and worldwide reputation as a well-developed and sophisticated Reinsurance market. This strategic decision is further supported by the country’s political stability and strong economic statistics. The country is on track to maintain its economic growth trajectory, establishing itself as one of Africa’s fastest-growing and most robust economies.

With a supportive atmosphere for successful business and professional growth, as well as knowledge and capabilities that meet our Group’s standards, our Moroccan office is hoping to integrate the Casablanca Financial City (CFC), which has a well-established track record as an International Hub.


For any business inquiries, do feel free to write to Mr.Amine Oudghiri at


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